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San Pietro a Sieve 1904 - Sesto Fiorentino 1990

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He was born to modest family of farmers and shepherds. Thrilled by the many works of art from the nearby Florence, at age 17 he obtained a post at the Richard Ginori where he could devote himself to the design of the products of that industry of china. The writer Ugo Ojetti, who had had occasion to see some of his work in clay, advised the father Angiolo to enroll at the Art Institute Santa Croce in Florence. From there he began his artistic career Berti with the first appearances at the Venice Biennale and the Rome Quadrennial. He devoted himself especially to the various sculpting portrait busts. The critics pointed to the monument to Foscolo place in Santa Croce in Florence. They followed the busts of several members of the royal family (Vittorio Emanuele III, Maria Jose, etc.)., Mussolini, the Gold Medal Locatelli, Paola Ojetti, the American billionaire Barbara Hutton, Susanna Agnelli. Of great artistic value of the portraits of the writer and designer Enrico Sacchetti and Amedeo, Duke of Aosta. After the war he must to Antonio Berti many great monuments of famous people. Recall the monument to Alcide De Gasperi in Trento, that of Pius XII in Rome, the monument of St. Louise de Marillac in St. Peter's, the bronze statue of Don Giulio Facibeni on the square in front of the Church of Santo Stefano in Pane, and finally in Florence the bronze statue of Guglielmo Marconi built in 1974 in the park of Villa Grifone in Sasso Marconi. Always at Berti was responsible for the monument to Queen Helena, erected in Messina, in memory of the work of the rescue of the Sovereign during the earthquake which afflicted the city. In addition to sculpted to Padre Pio and the Aldo Moro in his home town of Maglie. The latter was made ������������������posthumously on his comp. It was academic of St. Luke. Source Wiipedia.


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