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Santa Croce sull'Arno 1824 - Montemurlo 1904

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 He took his first Studii in Siena under the Nenci, and that art classic s'inspirò especially in his early work "Galileo Galilei before the Court of the Inquisition," which won great acclaim and signaled soon among famous painters of his time. But he himself disdainful of every academic success, although not unaware of that, leaving that way, it delayed the fortune and celebrity, rebelled against his first manner, and came to Florence, he sought new ways, unwrapped, in any way , throughout his first work, to seek inspiration from the only reality. It's hard to be satisfied, he made many paintings, but few exposed, and one of the few "The return from fishing in Lake Bientina," diligent work that revealed his strong talent. Represents five or six fishermen who hurried back to town to see and divide the fishing done. Another painting of 'happier they are released from the brush of Banti depicts a girl lying on the grass pulls if a duck, trying in vain flutter, fluttering wings. In another part of that Banti, bought by the Gallery in Florence Pisani was then sold at a high price to a stranger, depicts a girl who, with my knitting, gently pull the wire was too tight pel romp of a cat with the ball. The painter's studio in Turin Butter ammirasi another jewel of this lively and delicate artist representative of a girl who gives food to a duck, and now the Banti is finishing a painting titled "The Marauder" who are those women who run the campaign, stealing here and there at random what is between their hands. Source: A. De Gubernatis, Dictionary of living artists, Florence 1889-1892.


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