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Date: 11/01/2017

Time 2nd february - 4th march 2017
Location Galleria Berardi - Roma
Organization A cura di Gianluca Berardi
Event: Journey to the East in the nineteenth century painting

e West's fascination with the East experiences in Italy a profound acceleration during the Nineteenth century: first the spread of the philhellene theme, think of Refugees of Parga by Francesco Hayez (1826), then the pioneering work of important travelling artists such as Carlo Bossoli, who in 1851 is in Morocco, or Ippolito Caffi, who in 1855 heads for Persia, and lastly the diffusion of the orientalist vogue following the Suez Canal opening (1869). At this moment the exotic theme becomes extremely relevant and required by the market also thanks to the tremendous international success of an artist specialized in the trend as Mariano Fortuny who, although Spanish, had chosen Rome as his beloved city. e successive "travel journals" by Edmondo De Amicis, Morocco (1876) and Constantinople (1877), published by Treves with accurate illustrations by Cesare Biseo and Stefano Ussi, will contribute to popularize this sort of new Grand Tour towards the East. A mysterious and stranger East which becomes in those years a source of inspiration for musicians, architects, painters and writers who draw often to their imagination in order to recreate the descriptions of a distant world: desert landscapes traversed by caravans, magnificent Moorish palaces, harems where sinuous odalisques dance for their sultans or female slaves denuded for the impending sale. A real journey in the East transposed into painting is put forward on the occasion of this exhibition starting with two works of monumental size that properly return lights and costumes of the East: Caravan in the desert by Ippolito Caffi and Almea by Pietro Morgari. Other works on display include Arab head by Giuseppe Bezzuoli, A view of Roman Acqueduct in Tunis (Carthage) with Bedouins Resting by Hermann Corrodi, e carpets seller by Giulio Rosati, e Harem flowers by Emilio Magistretti, which hits off a famous work by Hayez. Separately should be considered the presence at the exhibition of the hereditary fund from Leonardo De Mango, one of the protagonists, in Istanbul, along with Fausto Zonaro, between Nineteenth and Twentieth century. e about twenty works representing views of his native Bisceglie and scenes set in the East come from the artist's studio and at his death passed into the custody of the Consulate General of Italy in Istanbul. Later, Consul General Mario Canino put them on sale and were bought by a consular ‘Regente' and through him passed to his heirs. e paintings by Leonardo de Mango, a master who worked more than fifty years in his studio in Constantinople, exemplarily represent the magnetism that the East could exerted over Italian painters.

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